Amethyst Systems smashes logistics records for Freezeserve with new warehouse software solution


Feb, 2015


Amethyst Systems provides Freezeserve’s new warehouse system.

Amethyst Systems, which is based in Portishead, completely overhauled Freezeserve’s warehouse system in Liverpool, replacing their existing SAP-based system with state-of-the-art technology that would successfully integrate with their IT and automated cold storage structure.

Lee Dowson (Amethyst) with Marc Longden (Poskitts)

The new system has already enabled Freezeserve to break their logistics records and in its first full month of operation it facilitated an incredible 23,401 pallet movements.

Amethyst Systems kitted out Freezeserve’s secure 20-acre cold store with the latest in pallet management systems, featuring real-time barcode scanning and the ability to oversee orders centrally. The new unique features allow easy tracking of stock movements within the warehouse, automatic importing of orders to reduce manual input and quarantine of stock.

“When we met with Amethyst and discussed their offering, we could see that the benefits clearly stacked up and that there were numerous advantages that the technology would deliver. I was confident in their ability to produce this system on time and within budget, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Not only has the system improved efficiency in the warehouse, it also provides reports on stock-holding for invoicing purposes.” – Richard Pollard, operations manager for Freezeserve

Lee Dowson, director of Amethyst Systems, said: “We built upon our knowledge of warehouse systems to provide a complete package. This consisted of a web application with SQL server database backend, a full reporting suite and a separate scanning app to run on Windows CE devices.

“We built this to meet Freezeserve’s requirements for a system that would map across handheld devices such as the Boston 8550 and the truck-mounted Vienna forklift computers that were provided by TouchStar Technologies. We also tailored our software so that it could interface with the OptilogX automated cold storage facility provided by ORTEC, because the efficient movement and storage of frozen food was essential,” Lee continued.


Lee Dowson, director of Amethyst Systems, showing the software solution

Pictured (from left to right): Sam Jones and Karen Taylor of Touchstar Technologies, Terry Haigh, managing director of Freezeserve, Lee Dowson, director of Amethyst Systems, and Richard Pollard, site operations manager at Freezeserve.


Peter Marsh, sales director at TouchStar, added: “We are delighted with the outcome of the implementation, which is testament to Amethyst’s professionalism and expertise within the logistics sector. Following a thorough testing and development process, the rugged Boston and Vienna devices have streamlined Freezeserve’s existing operational process, capturing data and executing stock movements dictated by Amethysts advanced Warehouse IT system. We are proud to have played a part in the development of such an impressive cold storage facility and look forward to working with both Amethyst and Freezeserve on future projects.”

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White Arrow Logistics

"Amethyst Systems have fulfilled our IT requirements in an amazingly short time frame, the support we have had during the implementation of the system and on-going has been invaluable in helping us meet our customer commitments."

Stephen Creek
Operations Manager, White Arrow Logistics Ltd

Retail Oracle

“The new survey application developed by Amethyst provides us with the ability to conduct multiple site surveys with ease. Our customers are very impressed with their ability to view survey results online through their own secure login.” Craig Bennett, Director – Sigma Group.

Ramsdens Solicitors

“Ramsdens solicitors had grown over the years and so did our deeds database! Unfortunately, we only had access to the database for a single user so we employed Amethyst to take it from a single user access solution to a user-friendly web interface to service 150 staff using Microsoft core web and database technologies. We are very pleased with the work and the new solution even had some bells and whistles that we hadn’t thought about.” – Jamie Watson, IT Manager, Ramsdens Solicitors.


“Amethyst Systems have again quickly delivered a simple, responsive and effective application. Our new software greatly helps us to manage our many energy efficiency projects and provides clients with immediate access to their project(s) status. The reporting suite helps to effectively view project status (Gantt chart) and also shows ROI to clients.” – Patrick Haslam, Programme Manager, Sigma.


“Amethyst Systems has exceeded our expectations and delivered a fantastic system, on time and over specification. This system is invaluable to us and will underpin the sales and marketing activity of over 30 sales people, 250,000 prospects and 15,000 customers. I can’t recommend Amethyst Systems attitude, approach and delivery highly enough.” Andy Greening, Managing Director – OfficeScape Ltd.

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Amethyst Systems smashes logistics records for Freezeserve with new warehouse software solution

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