Forklift Safety Check


Oct, 2017

Poskitts Vegetable Farmers are now using an Amethyst Systems developed application to assist with Forklift truck safety checks in their warehouse.

Amethyst developed a web application which managed the daily safety checks using a Rugged Touchscreen device, so the fork lift operators could quickly record their safety checks and report any unserviceable components, in multiple languages. A report would automatically be emailed to the transport manager, so there was an instant record to the status of all his fork lifts.The solution now provides with Transport Manager with a historical record of all check and faults, along with the a record of who performed the checks and how long the fork lifts were unserviceable for. The application is very flexible and can be used to record other information as required in a questionairre style.


“Vital safety checks and faults are recorded with ease using the touch screen in the warehouse.”

About Poskitts

MH Poskitt is a family owned farming business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire specializing in the growing of root vegetables for leading supermarkets.