TRS- Case Study

Tailored Recruitment Services (TRS) based in Merseyside specialise in the recruitment and supply of personnel to the logistics and manufacturing industries. Their clients include DHL, TESCO, TNT and COMET.

The Challenge

A solution was required to manage client bookings for agency staff and to allow clients themselves to approve submitted timesheet information simply. Also a flexible invoicing module was required to automatically build invoices based upon timesheet data. The overall aim was to provide one solution that will serve multiple clients and improve efficiency and customer service. In addition Amethyst have been asked to provide the ability in the system to manage and report on TRS central overhead costs and employee holidays to show financial profitability of contracts.

The Solution

Amethyst Systems built a completely bespoke web application that fulfilled all the requirements and allowed both efficient TRS admin of the system and a simple portal for clients to submit and approve timesheets. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is used to provide powerful reporting available through both the web application and through email.

Key Benefits

The TRS website and database is fully hosted and supported by Amethyst Systems. The solution has enabled TRS to have a one-stop solution for all clients improving vastly on the previous paper-based or spreadsheet based systems.

  • Reduces errors.
  • Make many existing spreadsheets and paperwork redundant.
  • Full visibility of, and management of, client’s workforce jobs and timesheet information across multiple locations.
  • Allows clients to easily submit and approve information through a secure web portal.
  • Provides flexible and efficient invoicing.
  • Improves financial visibility of costs against charges, improving the information available to director level management to make informed decisions.
  • Implements Swedish Derogation rule for agency staff.

“Amethyst have done a great job with the new Timesheets system! The web front end is simple to use and very effective in managing our agency staff timesheets, together with costs, charges and invoicing.” – Alan O’Grady, Managing Director, TRS Ltd.

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White Arrow Logistics

"Amethyst Systems have fulfilled our IT requirements in an amazingly short time frame, the support we have had during the implementation of the system and on-going has been invaluable in helping us meet our customer commitments."

Stephen Creek
Operations Manager, White Arrow Logistics Ltd

Retail Oracle

“The new survey application developed by Amethyst provides us with the ability to conduct multiple site surveys with ease. Our customers are very impressed with their ability to view survey results online through their own secure login.” Craig Bennett, Director – Sigma Group.

Ramsdens Solicitors

“Ramsdens solicitors had grown over the years and so did our deeds database! Unfortunately, we only had access to the database for a single user so we employed Amethyst to take it from a single user access solution to a user-friendly web interface to service 150 staff using Microsoft core web and database technologies. We are very pleased with the work and the new solution even had some bells and whistles that we hadn’t thought about.” – Jamie Watson, IT Manager, Ramsdens Solicitors.


“Amethyst Systems have again quickly delivered a simple, responsive and effective application. Our new software greatly helps us to manage our many energy efficiency projects and provides clients with immediate access to their project(s) status. The reporting suite helps to effectively view project status (Gantt chart) and also shows ROI to clients.” – Patrick Haslam, Programme Manager, Sigma.


“Amethyst Systems has exceeded our expectations and delivered a fantastic system, on time and over specification. This system is invaluable to us and will underpin the sales and marketing activity of over 30 sales people, 250,000 prospects and 15,000 customers. I can’t recommend Amethyst Systems attitude, approach and delivery highly enough.” Andy Greening, Managing Director – OfficeScape Ltd.

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