Warehouse Scanning Solution supplied to Zenith Logistics


May, 2017

WMS Scanning Solution

Zenith Logistics has been using Amethyst’s web based warehouse management system for pallet storage for some time now. They have now fully adopted the Barcode scanning module for their warehouse based at Chepstow.

Amethyst have fully managed the project including barcode labelling the warehouse racking and pallets and providing handheld scanners and associated hardware with WIFI infrastructure in the warehouse.

Key Benefits of amethyst’s WMS for pallet storage.
⦁ Fast implementation
⦁ Fully hosted and supported
⦁ Simple and effective web interface
⦁ Full visibility and management of stock within the warehouse
⦁ Provides information for efficient invoicing
⦁ Import/Export interfaces available
⦁ Barcode scanning module available


Zenith Logistics Chepstow Warehouse.


“Putaway and picking rules have been setup in the system to minimize manual scanning errors.”

About Zenith logistics

Zenith is an exciting and rapidly growing innovator in the supply chain industry.